The Peace of Mind Foundation wants to thank everyone to participated in the 2018 OCD Awareness Week (#OCDWeek). OCD Awareness Week is the second week of October. It’s a worldwide effort to raise much-needed awareness for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Peace of Mind Foundation is dedicated to helping those suffering from OCD and other related disorders get connected to resources and support.

Please give us your opinion! Tell us what OCD topics or themes you would like for us to cover in upcoming events/webinars.

Topics for Upcoming Events

2018 Schedule:


Sunday, October 7th  |  OCD & Family: McIngvale Story

It may seem like they have it all figured out, but the struggle continues. Join us for a real authentic view into the struggles the McIngvale family faces on a daily basis around Elizabeth’s battle with OCD. Get a front row seat from the comfort of your own home as we share their story. We will hear from Linda (mother), Laura (sister), and Elizabeth for a panel discussion on family life, triggers, struggles, self-care, and giving support.

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Monday, October 8th  |  Kids Talk: Growing Up with OCD 

Growing up faces challenges in and of itself, but for children and young adults suffering with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), the journey is rigorous. See OCD through the eyes of Vanessa Baier and Thomas Smalley as they share their personal battle with OCD. Hear from OCD renowned OCD child expert, Dr. Aureen Wagner, as she discuss OCD treatment for children and answers your OCD questions.

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Thursday, October 11th  |  Living the ERP Life

Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) is the gold standard of treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The basic principles surrounding ERP for OCD is to face your fear without engaging in a ritual (exposure + ritual prevention). However, we know this process can be extremely challenging and sounds much simpler than it often is. Learn how to apply ERP into your daily life and how to prevent relapse from OCD advocates and experts, Dr. Elizabeth McIngvale and Dr. Jonathan Abramowitz.

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Friday, October 12th  |  OCD 101 Training

The OCD 101 training is a 3-hour training offered to give individuals a strong overview of OCD focused on the symptomology of the disorder, assessment, diagnosis and treatment. We provide the training free of charge in order to increase education and disseminate knowledge.  The training will cover OCD Overview and related disorders, Diagnosis, OCD Treatment Options, Types of OCD, Symptoms, Stigma and OCD Cycle and Relapse Prevention. This training is intended for professionals, counselors, teachers, and all those interested in learning more about OCD.

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Friday, October 12th  | The Bergen 4-Day OCD Treatment – Professional CEU Presentation

Since the Bergen 4-day treatment (B4DT) was awarded “Innovation of the Year” by the Norwegian Psychological Science Association in 2015, more than one thousand patients have benefitted from the approach, with basically no drop-out from treatment. More than 90% of the patients can expect relevant and significant clinical changes, and long-term follow-up shows that 70% are recovered and an additional 10% have clinical gains four years later. Increasingly, patients, families and therapists alike are all requesting access to the B4DT. Now, plans are in place to bring this novel treatment approach to the US and the journey will start in Houston!

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Friday, October 12th  |  OCD, Addiction, and Depression

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) commonly has co-occurring disorders. For some individuals, substance abuse is a way to cope with or silence their intrusive thoughts. This form of escape can lead to addiction and without treatment, the problem is likely to get worse. Join us as we hear a mother’s perspective on OCD and addiction told by Margaret Sisson, founder of Riley’s Wish Foundation and professional perspectives on treating dual diagnosis and addiction by Dr. Patrick McGrath. We will also hear about important warning signs surrounding depression and suicidal thoughts by Dr. Katrina Rufino.

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