Thank you to everyone who participated in our OCD Awareness Week activities and daily challenges. The Peace of Mind Foundation was featured on ABC 13, Fox 26, and The CW 39. We had the opportunity to speak at the Lone Star College-Montgomery, to a group of clergy and church workers and provide continuing education on OCD and related disorder to over 70 Houston professionals. If you missed any of our online activities, please check out the videos below.

You Make a Difference: 

Another way to help further our mission is by supporting our foundation. Every gift goes directly to helping those affected by OCD and related disorders.



Daily Challenges:

The Peace of Mind Foundation created daily challenge to provide new ways to spread awareness and get involved throughout the week. Our first challenge was the International OCD Foundation‘s #FaceyourFear Challenge which ask individuals to create a video or photo of themselves doing something that makes you anxious and then post it on social media. Other daily challenges include #OCDresources, #OCDeducation, #OCDhope, #myOCDstory, #OCDsupportgroup, #OCDfacts, and #OCDaction.


“It’s Okay to Not be Okay: Young Adults with OCD Navigating Through Life’s Biggest Changes” 


Being a young adult is hard enough as it is. Life takes lots of twists and turns during the late teens and early twenties, deciding where to go to school, what to major in, what to do for a career, who to date and the list goes on and on. When OCD sets in, it makes these already difficult life milestones even harder to manage. Tune in with young adult panelists, Zach Westerbeck, Thomas Smalley & Cali Werner, to see how they navigated through this part of their lives. These individuals are all mental health advocates that are successfully making a difference in the world today. You can make a difference and take control over your OCD, too.


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Live with Liz: Stepping Out of the Shadows 


Dr. Elizabeth McIngvale was the first national spokesperson for the International OCD Foundation. On this special edition of Live with Liz, Liz will be sharing her experience on what it was like to first speak up about OCD. She will be covering why it is important to be involved in the OCD community and how to start sharing your story. If you would like to receive a text message reminder when she goes live text livewithliz to 555-888. Submit your questions to Liz below.

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Launch of Our Kid’s Online Support Group 

The Peace of Mind Foundation’s Online Kids and Teens OCD Support Group goal is to help young OCD sufferers connect with peers and gain emotional and practical support through peer relationships. We hope that this group will help young people realize they are not alone in their journey of taking control of their OCD. At each meeting, a group facilitator will lead a discussion on educational topics involving evidence-based ways to decrease OCD symptoms.

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