Support groups are an important tool for individuals with OCD, their family members, and friends. Making a connection with others who are impacted by OCD provides a sense of community, and lets you know you are not alone in this struggle. You can gain valuable insight, practical ideas, and education from experts and other OCD families in your area.


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OCD Support Group


Meeting day and time: 2nd and 4th Wednesday Each Month 7pm-9pm. 
Venue: Due to the pandemic, we will be meeting by Zoom until further notice. Please email Bryton to receive the link.
Open To: Those who suffer with obsessive-compulsive disorder, caregivers, family members.
Fee: Free


This is a GOAL orientated group that allows individuals to set goals to work on between meetings. This is an open forum group. Members are not required to disclose information and may speak if they choose. Staff is available for guidance. For more information please email or call us at (979) 459-3488. 

Hoarding Support Group


3rd Wednesday of each month from 7pm-9pm  

 This is a free group

This is an open forum group in which participants can discuss their struggles, successes, and questions among peers and a licensed professional, Jelani Daniel, LPC. Participants are not required to disclose information and may speak if/when they choose. The group welcomes those who suffer from a range of hoarding struggles. Significant others, family members, and/or friends who may be indirectly affected are also welcome. Please contact the group moderator, Jelani Daniel, LPC, for more information about the group and for access to the Zoom meeting link.

Email him at or call (713) 955-8695.



Videos: Support Groups

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Elizabeth McIngvale's family was once told that her illness was too severe and they should accept that she would be in a facility for the rest of her life. On February 5, 2002, Liz was dropped off at the Menninger Clinic, and she thought her life was over. She sat down on a couch next to a girl her same age. All the girl said was, "It's okay, I cried too". That was the start of Liz and Amy's friendship and that one sentence gave Liz hope.

This video is about finding someone that truly understands your struggles. Having support and friendship with someone that has felt the same way as you are very important.

Liz and Amy also discuss the importance of finding the purpose for your pain. Finding your passion and going for it.

If you are looking to connect with someone, we want to encourage you to find a support group (online or in-person), visit,, or your local NAMI and MHA chapter for a list of support groups in your area. If you are having trouble finding a group, email us at

Elizabeth McIngvale, Ph.D., discusses support groups, how they can be helpful and the key aspects of starting a group.

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Elizabeth McIngvale, Ph.D., discusses who typically starts a support group and the different structures for the groups.

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Elizabeth McIngvale, Ph.D., discusses important things to consider when starting a support group. It is important to be in a good place for yourself and to stay connected in the OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) community.

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Elizabeth McIngvale, Ph.D., discusses the factors that should be considered when starting a support group.

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