This section is designed specifically for college-aged adults/young adults. When living with OCD it can often be exhausting, confusing and frustrating. We hope that you will find videos in this section that are designed just for you with helpful tools. Remember OCD management is possible, with the appropriate resources and support you can live the life you deserve!

B2S Tips 2018-2

We know many of you are leaving for college soon. We want to see you off to a great start and thought these tips might be helpful:

  1. Know the resources in your new area: Scope out the surrounding area for support groups, therapists, crisis hotlines, etc. Use this search tool to help you!
  2. Utilize online OCD management tools: OCDChallenge.comis a free online OCD management tool that can be easily accessed from your phone or computer.
  3. Know your support: Connect with someone that understands what you are going through and can encourage you during difficult times. This can be a family member, friend, someone from a support group, a congregation member, etc. Get connected to a support group. If there isn’t a local option, try an online support group!
  4. Utilize the university’s resources: Look into the resources your school has to offer in regards to counseling and mental health services.

Videos: For College Students

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