By Dr. Chad Brandt

Relationship OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) will often target things that are important to a person, and often OCD will target a persons’ relationships. Those that experience Relationship OCD (R-OCD) may have unwanted thoughts about whether they love their partner, friend, or family member enough, or if that person loves or values them back. Rituals may include checking to see if they are attracted the “right” amount, confessing doubts to their partners, and other ways to try to get a complete understanding of their feelings. This feeling is fleeting if ever achieved at all.

ROCD may question:

  • Compatibility
  • Love/Feelings
  • Attraction
  • Partner’s love/feelings for them

 Common Compulsions:

  • Measuring feelings for their partner through comparisons, pros and cons list, or through levels of arousal
  • Confessing feelings or thoughts about others
  • Ruminating about the relationship or partner’s qualities
  • Thinking about the perfect feelings or what perfect relationships look like


Understanding the tricks that OCD will play to get the cycle of doubt started is an important first step in treatment. From there, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) focused on moving forward in a day or relationship without a full or complete understanding of ones’ feelings can be started. Treatment will not be focused on the questions such as “is my partner the right person for me” or “do I really love my partner”, but instead will be focused on understanding the cycle of OCD and engaging in healthy and meaningful relationships with or without intrusive thoughts

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