It can be so difficult and trying to watch your child struggle, there is nothing more you want than to “fix” it all for them. Unfortunately we can’t “fix” their OCD but we can support them on their journey to management of the illness. As a parent of a child with OCD its imperative to get your child to proper care as soon as possible. The earlier you recognize symptoms and get your child to the proper professional/intervention the better the outcome. Take advantage of the text, resources and videos throughout the website to better understand what OCD is and how OCD treatment works. With the proper help there is hope for your child and your family.

-Linda McIngvale

Videos: Children With OCD

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My child has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). What can I do as a parent to help? Dr. Storch explains living everyday life, your involvement in treatment, and finding the right provider. Visit for more information and resources about OCD.

Linda McIngvale shares what you should do as a parent to help your child with OCD,

Linda McIngvale gives advice on what to do when others don't believe that your child has OCD.

Dr. Pinto-Wagner answers a common question parents ask. "How did my child get OCD?"

Dr. Pinto-Wagner explains how OCD is diagnosed in children and how parents are involved in the diagnosis process.

Dr. Pinto-Wagner explains different types of obsessions and compulsions seen in children with OCD

Dr. Wagner gives techniques and steps on how parents can help keep children motivated and engaged in treatment. Parents can learn about acting out of urgency and understand how they are potentially enabling. Remember: Promote Bravery!

Dr. Pinto-Wagner explains the Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for children with OCD.

Eric A. Storch, PhD shares an example of OCD treatment for children. He goes over explaining OCD, treatment, building a hierarchy, and relapse prevention and applying ERP tools in a way easy for children to understand.