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ERP Experiences Study

Attached is a link to a study survey for clinicians who use ERP to treat children and/or adults with OCD. The study examines providers’ attitudes towards and experiences of conducting ERP for OCD with stimuli or situations that clients or non-professionals could perceive to be risky.

Our study team consists of OCD researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, including Drs. Eric Storch and Elizabeth McIngvale. We believe that quantifying clinicians experiences with this type of ERP is important for establishing the safety of this treatment approach. Further, study findings may be of benefit when questions arise regarding the safety of this approach, as has happened in some professional contexts.

If you have ever utilized ERP to treat children, adolescents, and/or adult clients with OCD and would be willing to participate in this study, please follow the link below.

Your participation is completely anonymous and optional – you can end your participation at any time—and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.


We thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions before or at any time during the study please feel free to contact myself (Lindsey.Knott@bcm.edu) or the PI, Dr. Storch (Eric.Storch@bcm.edu) at any time.

Thank you.