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OCD IS NOT_________.


How to Take Part:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, while we know that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has long been misunderstood, the conjunction with the recent pandemic has made it much clearer just how misunderstood this disorder is. This month we want to take the opportunity to help educate society on what OCD is not by spreading awareness and ending the stigma around OCD and all mental health disorders.

The International OCD Foundation and the Peace of Mind Foundation are teaming up to spread OCD awareness. Fill in the blank by sharing what “OCD is Not” to you and help stop the misuse of the word OCD. Get creative by sharing a short video or posting a picture on your social media using the hashtag #RealOCD and #OCDisNot. Another way to help is by watching the IOCDF’s PSA and sharing it on your social media.

You can help us by telling the world what OCD is NOT. OCD is not an adjective, OCD is not a joke, OCD is not a quirk …


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Your participation is invaluable to the OCD community and we want to thank you for your efforts by sending you a special thank you in the mail.