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Online Support Group for Therapist with OCD


For OCD specialists who have and treat OCD with ERP.

Therapists with OCD motivated to treat OCD can find ourselves in a unique position. In many communities—including our families, friends & clinician cohorts– OCD awareness is lacking. We work so hard to give our clients a level of care & support that can be difficult for clients to find, but do we have enough for ourselves? When we end our own courses of ERP or when conferences end, where do we find our sense of community and deep sharing as OCD specialists who also live with OCD? Using our combined resources & the benefits of technology, let’s give each other nourishment and support, along with consulting, information-sharing, and connection with other ERP-oriented clinicians who would otherwise be at a geographical distance.

We can meet monthly & use web conferencing. In these times of fast-paced messaging, let’s meet face-to-face (online) and spend time together.

Please contact:
Dr. Cyndi Lowe www.drcyndilowe.netBerkeley, CA